Are you a Family in Business?

Whether a family business or multiple families working together to form a business, the family dynamic can affect the way your business runs..

With Hansens being a second generation business, we understand the dynamic very well. There are both great highs and damaging lows to families in business but the core of both stem from business wins and losses affecting your loved ones.

We decided many years ago that families in business are of great importance to us. The families running these businesses see things differently. The business is not just a job, it’s their life, what they live and breathe. An asset for future generations.

Because we love these people we have signifiant experience with supporting our families in business overcome the challenges they face at the same time as reminding them of the the love, joy and passion they have for the work they do.

Our team have developed a deep understanding of the complexities and opportunities available to you and whether it be education, information or even a third party referee, we understand your situation and have chosen to support you.

If you are a family in business or about to start one we would love to meet you, your team and your family to discuss both the business and personal side of what we provide and how we can have a whole lot of fun along the way.

At Hansens, we’re a little bit different.

We’re a team of accounting professionals that love what we do. When you love what you do, you can have a lot of fun and do amazing things.

We love your business.

Some call it boring… we call it taking care of business. Our team move you smoothly through each step of your financial evolution and make life easier. Because at Hansens, taking care of the essentials is something we’re really good at.

More than just accounting.

Not only do we love the financials of your business, we love helping your business grow. Looking after more than just accounting, we have the expertise to solve many of your business problems and life transitions.

Ask us how.

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